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Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer

Although breast cancer is currently a pandemic (world wide epidemic) and is thought to be different from colon cancer or pancreatic cancer or lymphomas, etc…, they are all the same in that they are cells and tissues that are adapting to toxic overloads in the body.  It is when oxygen is no longer able to be used by the body in energy production to “burn” glucose (sugar = fuel), for energy that the tissue and cells adapt by changing there internal mechanisms into a “default” mode of energy production called glycolysis or fermentation.  That is when the changes that are required the energy producing functions of the cells result in changes in shape and relative sizes of the organelles (little organs within cells).  It is these morphological (shape and size) changes that are identified under a microscope by a pathologist to diagnoses” (name) the process, “cancer”.

In summary, these apparently different cancers are merely different cells in the body undergoing certain changes to adapt to there new requirements for survival.  In effect, then….all cancers are the same, which is why a single term, “cancer” is used to describe them.

If one understands this, they do not become fearful that they have a “rare” cancer or an unusual cancer or an untreatable cancer….all cancers are basically the same process occurring in different parts of the body.  This is like the changes one sees in the skin whether it is a burn, for example, on the hand, the breast, the back, the face, etc…IT IS THE SAME PROCESS and therefore requires the same approach to deal with it or alleviate it.

Thomas Lodi, MD
Internal Medicine
Homeopathic Physician
Metabolic Medicine
Integrative Oncology
Certified Nutrition Specialist


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