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Why we should pay attention to heavy metal poisoning

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Heavy metal poisoning isn’t in the news as often it should be due to the amount of people unknowingly affected by it. Spirit tells me that mercury and aluminum poisoning is on the rise and has reached epidemic levels.

Heavy metals are like a hidden, behind-the-scenes instigator and that’s not being acknowledged to the point it should be. The difference between 20 years ago and now is huge but people are often misdiagnosed and told they have another malady.

Heavy metal poisoning is the toxic accumulation of heavy metals in the soft tissues of the body. The reason it has increased so much is due to pesticides, herbicides and pollutants as well as fish being worse than ever for mercury, pollutants and solvents.

Also, there are heavy metals and solvents that come out of the treated wood of lawn furniture that are absorbed right into your skin.  Arsenic is one. Let’s say you decide to do a little project and want to sand some wood down or restore some antique furniture. Because treated wood, stain and old paint can havearsenic and/or lead in it, it can get into your system.

Aluminum from aluminum cans is another avenue. A lot of out gassing occurs, especially when somebody is outside with a can of soda and it warms up in the sun. Spirit tells me that oxidationcan occur from the oils in your hand touching the aluminum can.Aluminum Can

No, we can’t encase ourselves in a bubble and hide from it all but we can be a little bit more aware, especially when it comes to what we eat. Tuna and swordfish are high in mercury and contain some arsenic. One thing you don’t want to do is eat tuna out of a can. During the packaging and pasteurizing of aluminum cans, the heat causes the aluminum to release and absorb right into the fish.

Heavy metals are in the air in general thanks in part to the amount of exhaust fumes traveling around. They are in the air because of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. There are solvents in toxic cleaners. Therefore, we can get exposed rather easily.


Some of the symptoms to be on the lookout for are sleeplessness, sleep disorders and restless leg syndrome, which is huge, right now. That’s when you have to keep on shifting and moving your legs throughout the night.  You can’t get comfortable. Sometimes you have pain or cramps in your legs. Then insomnia occurs.
But people don’t know what is causing this. Women get blamed and hormones are picked on. They’re told they need hormone therapy meanwhile they could have mercury or aluminum poisoning that is causing hot flashes.

Staying focused is another symptom. What I’ve learned from working with women for over 20 years and what Spirit tells me allows me to find the true cause for why some women complain to me about severe brain fog. Brain fog many times is heavy metal poisoning due to aluminum and mercury and this rolls into Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Ways to avoid

Adding more greens in your diet can help detoxify these heavy metals. Blue green algae, spirulina and cilantro are excellent ways to accomplish this.


Cilantro combats heavy metals in the body.

Spirit recommends doing a cilantro cleanse a couple of days out of every month. You can eat what you normally eat so if it is grass fed beef, free range chicken or eggs, or if you’re a vegetarian, whatever you’re eating is fine but incorporate one bunch of cilantro a day in your diet for a couple of days. You can chop it up and put it in salads, have it in your guacamole or put it on pizza. Cilantro can pull more mercury out and even some mercury and aluminum out of the brain. Spirit tells me that cilantro has a natural ability to cross the blood brain barrier.

It’s a powerful way to help the situation with extra heavy metals. When they start building up, they get trapped in the body’s system and this turns into problems that are blamed on women’s hormones.

Another way to lessen your risk of heavy metal poisoning is avoiding drinking out of aluminum cans and eating food out of aluminum cans if you can.
Garlic is a great heavy metal remover so add more garlic in the diet. If you’re going to have a brioche, put some garlic in there. If you’re going to roast a chicken, roast some garlic in it.

Seaweed: friend or foe?

There’s a lot of controversy to seaweed. Seaweed has heavy metals in it because it’s floating around in the oceans but at the same time there are people who say you need the seaweeds and other people who say it is bad for you.

But Spirit says the seaweed works and it is good for you because it holds onto metal as it enters into your body. As it digests in the body and goes through the intestinal tract, it doesn’t release the heavy metals. In fact it absorbs more metal so more aluminum is eliminated from your system. And then it passes through.


Nori is packaged and sold in sheets.

I recommend that seaweed be eaten two or three times a week. Everybody is different. Maybe someone doesn’t do well with seaweed for some other reason. With seaweed you get the iodine that helps balance the thyroid and that alone can reduce symptoms that are also blamed on hormones such as night sweats, hot flashes, irritabilities and highs and lows. It’s the heavy metals that are behind a lot of that. Packaged nori, dulse, which many people say taste like bacon, kelp and sea lettuce are some of the types of seaweed that I suggest.

People should also be aware that heavy metals build up overtime in a fish. The larger the fish, the more metal it will have and the older the fish the more concentrated it will be in its oils.

The effects on cancer

Heavy metals can play a great role in cancer. Cancer looks for heavy metals like nickel, copper and aluminum uses them as fuel. Cancer opens up its pores and vessels and draws in mercury.  It’s a food source and it’s looking for foods that are also holding on to that metal. Metal is attracted to cancer and cancer is attracted to metal and that’s what Spirit has always told me. I think it’s starting to be talked about.

This is how it works. Good minerals in food actually help defend the body against cancer so cancer does not want those minerals. If you’re eating an apple and you have trace minerals of zinc or you’re eating a Brazilian nut and have trace minerals of selenium or if you’re eating a piece of chicken and it has some phosphorous in it, or a little bit of manganese in it, cancer doesn’t want those minerals. It’s a whole different kind of attraction.

Anthony William is a Medical Medium and Consultant for Joan Valentine — A Foundation for Natural Cures, Inc.



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