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Some women are amazing—others are nothing short of riveting and unforgettable like… Dianne Burnett

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December 29, 2010
By Beverly Hills Times Magazine

The day we met…two strangers; by the time the interview was finished …fast friends. Burnett is a warrior—my kind of woman—actually every woman’s kind of woman.

She inspires with her talent, offers encouragement with her wisdom, and maybe most important, she is an advocate for spiritual growth and change.

As she says, moving forward requires that we overcome our fears to face what isn’t working, and then do something positive with it.

No doubt Burnett has had her share of dark times with a high-profile divorce from a well-known reality show producer. But as she tells her story, it’s clear that she not only came out stronger, but emerged more certain of who she is as a woman, mother (she has two sons), and she inspires us to never give up on our dreams.

Now more than ever she is determined to help other women overcome challenges and move forward to new beginnings. One of her new beginnings was going from blonde to brunette.

ST: Some events inspired you to make certain changes… explain.
“A lot of changes were taking place in my life (she recently she lost her mother to cancer, a devastating blow that prompted her to start a non-profit, education and preventative cancer research foundation in her mother’s name: Joan Valentine-A Foundation for Natural Cures). I think most women going through a difficult period, emerge, look in the mirror and decide to re-do something about themselves to reflect the change they feel inside.” Born of humble beginnings in a modest suburb of Long Island, she got a first hand look at the true meaning of faith and determination from her mother. Burnett’s mother worked multiple jobs to make ends meet, and independently raised four children on her own. Looking back, she credits her mother for instilling in her a strong work ethic and the determination to move through adversity. Those values heavily influenced her determination to excel at every stage of her life.

ST: Growing up what lessons did you learn from your mother?“She worked three jobs to keep us going. There were times when it was so bad that she almost lost the house we lived in, but then some how things would pull through and we would be okay. I remember so many things she did to make our lives better.” Burnett has produced TV, theater, and film projects; acted on TV and in theater, and she has been involved in many philanthropic endeavors that are close to her heart. She recently completed an autobiographical book, The Road to Reality, which charts her existential quest through life so far.

ST: All women have a different story—then again it seems we all have the same story.
“Our lives take many turns through heartache, disappointment, regret, growth and change. That’s another reason I decided to chronicle my journey. It’s an intimate look at my own life, but I believe that other women will relate to these experiences as well. That’s how we learn; by experiencing the journey, failures and success of others. That’s why it is so important that women stick together and help one another. The Road to Reality is about women’s empowerment, a journey through self-realization and awareness of inner strength.
As if Burnett doesn’t have enough projects on her plate, she will soon launch, a unique social networking site combining the best of Twitter and Facebook. She has brilliantly tapped into the cyberspace connection offering members around the globe a people-to-people interactive hub filled with tools to nourish the mind, body and soul.

“ is like having your very own inspirational team: a community of alternative medicine practitioners, psychics, mediums, forward thinkers, and astrologers with a running debate on all worldly topics. There are interactive discussion rooms for members to share views and it serves as a bulletin board of national and international events of interest to the community. empowers people by offering wisdom and enlightenment.”
Burnett supports many organizations; one being Children Mending Hearts, of which she is a board member, among several others. “All of my projects are important, but the Joan Valentine-A Foundation for Natural Cures is a top priority. Cancer affects many people, and too often treatment options are limited; people don’t know where to turn. I went down this path with my mother during her illness. Not many choices were given to us, but options do exist that we don’t know about.”

For additional information or get involved in the Joan Valentine Foundation:
Visit: to learn more about the incredible networking opportunities and how to become a member; the site launches in January.

Also on you can learn about Burnett’s book, The Road to Reality.

If you’re interested in The Joan Valentine-A Foundation for Natural Cures and becoming a sponsor at its First Annual Charity Benefit this summer, check in with Burnett’s web-site for updated information.
“Our lives take many turns through heartache, disappointment, regret, and ultimately growth and change. That’s another reason I decided to chronicle my journey… It’s an intimate look at my own life, but I believe other women will relate to these experiences as well.”


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